Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.




JigSpace 3.26

3.26 is packed with updates. Go to to update your apps to the latest version.
Object list
Desktop app users can browse and select 3D models, images, and text boxes in a hierarchy, show or hide them while editing, and select multiple objects to speed up the creation processes. Learn more about object list
Save a copy
You can now copy a Jig from the Explore section of the app, or your own Team Jigs, and then modify it to suit your needs.
‍Create team templates
Set your Jig as a reusable template that only your team can copy and use. Customize your copy settings in the Jig settings menu.
Learn more about team templates
Multi-selection precision editing
Creators can now select multiple objects at the same time in the object list or the viewport, and then transform them in the property panel on desktop. Edit position, rotation, or scale, copy and paste properties from one step to another.
> Learn more about multiple selection
Plus, we’ve made these improvements:
  • New visual effects for interactive actions now appear in the App Clips Universal AR viewer‍
  • Each Jig hero panel preview in the app now includes its total views, author, date last updated, and visibility. Click on the ... menu in hero panels to share, delete, or save a Jig for offline viewing (iOS only).
  • You'll find some new Jig templates to copy in the explore tab that you can copy, with more being added every month.
  • It’s easier to understand panning on a desktop with the cursor now turning into a hand when the spacebar is pressed.
  • We've squashed a lot of sneaky bugs, and made improvements to error logging and reporting to more quickly resolve future issues.
Content analytics is now available to users on Organization and Enterprise plans to help teams understand how their 3D presentations and augmented reality experiences are being used and interacted with.
Creators can track views, actions, and engagement time for individual content, and in aggregate.
View more information about content analytics.



JigSpace 3.24

We've improved how you can sort or organize your Jigs in the latest version of JigSpace.
View and sort your Jigs into categories (for example product lines, templates, or proposals).
You can also sort your Jigs by date created, recently updated, most viewed, or by name (A-Z).
Improvements to Apple app clips:
  • Viewing jigs in app clips now handle text boxes much better
  • URL links in instruction text boxes sometimes did not click correctly.
Bug fixes:
  • Sometimes the desktop app froze or crashed when importing a file and users clicked outside the window
  • A Jig would sometimes not open in offline mode on iPad and iPhone when it should have
  • Sometimes actions were not clickable when they should have been
  • Other technical bugs impacting performance.
You can now add interactive actions to objects:
  • go to step
  • go to URL.
These enable your viewers to click and explore your content in a non-linear order and link out to non-JigSpace content.
You can also link from 3D objects, parts, or 2D assets into online websites, parts catalogues, or lead forms. Watch this short demo below to see some of the capabilities.
Further details are available at our help center article on actions.
We are gradually rolling out this feature to users in Q2.
When you next create or edit a Jig and then save it - in JigSpace 3.22 or newer versions - you’ll notice that it loads much faster on the web and in augmented reality!
You can see an overview of this by clicking on the performance indicator in the workshop editor.
Read more on our help center or contact us to get instant access.
Automatic performance optimization
We have released new capabilities to the sharing settings of JigSpace 3D presentations and augmented reality experiences.
Add a password to your Jig so you can share it with specific clients, partners, or stakeholders. Learn more or watch the demo below.
This month we’ve addressed your feedback about needing more precise control when creating Jigs. You can now specify exact properties when it comes to position, rotation, and scale, and get a clearer view of the workspace with a moveable toolbar. We hope these updates enable you to make your Jigs exactly right.
These features are available in the latest JigSpace desktop app for Mac and Windows.